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Aging of tires

Ageing of tires
– Correct storage has a positive effect on the ageing of tires.
– Incorrect storage will reduce a tire’s lifespan.
A tire does not start to age until you start using it!

Tires for passenger cars which are not mounted on rims must be stored in vertical position. They may be stored horizontally for a short period, but never for more than one month before turning the stack. Tires mounted on rims may be stored vertically, horizontally or hanging on a wall.

Ozone-free environment – avoid storing tires:
in direct contact with sunlight near a battery charger places exposed to light radiation from welding near electric motors
Oil products – avoid storing tires:
on dirty floors or in spaces where they could come into contact with oil

Cool temperature – tires must be stored:
in a dry cool place without risk of large temperature variations heated spaces
It is highly inadvisable to store tires in steel containers, boiler rooms, outdoors, under metal roofs, etc.
To demonstrate that, with correct storage, tires will not age, STRO has had an independent test carried out by VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute), Linköping, Sweden.
This test showed that 3 year old winter tires had the same properties on ice as new winter tires.
It is thus a myth that tires deteriorate rapidly with age, and that they must be completely new when purchased.
Result from VTI (in Swedish) her


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