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Comfort Problem

Recently, comfort problems on passenger cars with larger rims and wider tires have increased in number, and STRO has therefore developed a small guide and assembly instructions for tires on these vehicles, and which can be good to use on these occasions. Read more about how to avoid and fix problems like this.


Comfort problem passenger cars

Today when there are more common with larger rim diameters, and tires for high-performance cars, and tires with RunFlat technology, many workshops have had to spend much more time solving comfort problems, which has also resulted in more complains on  tires, often on tires which have then been found to be ok for use.

This also places higher demands on mounting and balancing to be carried out in the correct way.

• All components must be thoroughly cleaned before starting assembly
• Tires and rims must be carefully lubricated
• A proper pressure must be used
• Correct fixings must be used on the balancing machine
• If a machine is used for measuring “force variations”, this measurement must be made with the correct tire pressure. Usually 2-2.2 bar.


The WDK-German Rubber Manufacturers Association has made an instruction for the installation of Ultra High Performance (UHP)  and RunFlat tires (RFT).By following these instructions, you can avoid many problems, and keep in mind that there is nothing that distinguishes the classified categories from standard tires, other than that these are sometimes are more sensitive and more difficult to mount.


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Using a high-quality lubricant facilitates installation and helps the tire to get into the correct position more easily. It is an additional cost compared to a universal lubricant, but it is an additional cost well worth the money. The lubricants below can be recommended. This is not to say that there are no others on the market who are equal.


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