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Regulations on stud tires in Europé

Regulations concerning the use of winter tyres vary by country. There are a few countries in Europe, such as the United Kingdom and Denmark, where the law does not regulate their use at all.

In most cases, however, winter tyres must be used during a certain period or when the weather conditions are clearly wintry. The use of tyre chains is required on certain road sections and in specific areas.

Studded winter tyres are popular in the Nordic countries but completely banned in Germany and Poland, for example. In some countries, cars with studded tyres have special speed limits and the use of studs must be communicated with a sign attached to the car.

See rules for each country in the attached table:


T= Tillåtet / Allowed
F= Förbud / Forbidden
R= Begränsad / Restricted
Belgien Belgium T nov – mars R
Bulgarien Bulgaria F
Danmark Denmark T 1 nov-15 april
Estland Estonia T 15 oct – 31 mars   1) R
Finland Finland T 1 nov- april   *
Frankrike France T 11 nov – mars R
Italien Italy T 15 nov-15 mars R
Kroatien Kroatia F 1 okt/ oct -30 april
Lettland Latvia T 1 okt/oct – 30 april
Litauen Lituania T 1 nov – 10 april
Luxemburg Luxembourg T nov – april* R
Nederländerna Netherlands F
Norge Norway T 1 nov – söndag efter påsk    2)
Polen Poland F
Portugal Portugal F
Rumänien Romania F
Slovakien Slovakia T 15 nov – mars
Spanien Spain T 15 nov – mars
Sverige Sweden T 1 okt/oct -15 april
Schweiz Switzerland T nov – april R
Storbritannien Great Britain R 1 nov-10 april    3)
Tjeckien Czech Republic T 15 nov – 31 mars
Tyskland Germany F
Ungern Hungary F
Österrike Austria T nov – april R
* Första måndagen efter påsk/First monday after easter
1) Från 1 okt och under april om vinterförhållanden/From 1 oct and during april if winter conditions
2) Södra Norge 1 nov – söndag efter påsk/South Norway 1 nov – sunday after eastern. Norra Norge
North Norway  16 okt/oct -30 april
3) Bara om det är snö/is på vägen/Only when snow/ice on the road
1) Från 1 okt och under april om vinterförhållanden/From 1 oct and during april if winter conditions .
2) Södra Norge 1 nov-söndag efter påsk /South Norway 1 nov – Sunday after eastern.
Norra Norge / North Norway 16 okt/oct – 30 april.
 3) Bara om det är snö/is på vägen / Only when snow/ice on the road.
Se komplett lagstiftning i respektive lands bestämmelser/See complete legislation in each country’s regulations.
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