The Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organization

Become a member

Correspondent members are individuals, companies, corporations or organisation in the Nordic countries who:
a) has as a main occupation the selling of tyres, rims, wheels or the allocation of licences for special tyre retreading technology.
b) has as a main occupation, retreding of tyres.
c) has as a main occupation sales of tyre or wheel accessories.
d) has as the main occupation to work with issues relatated to tyres or rims.

Correspondent members receive minutes and other relevant information. On receiving a special invitation, it is possible for a correspondent member to participate at the Board’s ordinary meetings.
Any issues which members want to be discussed at these meetings should be given notice of at the latest three weeks before the meeting.
Anyone who wants to become a member should submit a written application to the Board, which will then decide.

Membership can be terminated 12 months after a written application to this effect is submitted to the Board.

If you want to apply for a corresponding membership, please send your request for membership to, or through the contact page.

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